Johnny Marr + the Healers


Band members Alonza Bevan, Johnny Marr and Zak Starkey will have their new CD, "BOOMSLANG," released in the US on February 4th- as well as the UK. The Japanese release is Jan 16, 2003 and will include a bonus track: "Here It Comes." The 2nd single ,"Bangin' On," will be released in the UK on Jan. 20th. Their 1st single "The Last Ride," "Need It," "Long Gone," was released in the UK on Oct 1, 2002.

The album also features performances by Lee Spencer & Liz Bonney. Adam Grey plays with them live.

1. The Last Ride
2. Caught Up
3. Down On The Corner
4. Need It
5. You Are The Magic
6. InBetweens
7. Another Day
8. Headland
9. Long Gone
10. Something To Shout About
11. Bangin' On

Johnny Marr  (lead vocals and guitar) formal band was The Smiths. His post-Smiths activity includes the Banderas, Beck, Andrew Berry, Black Grape, Billy Bragg, Bernard Butler, A Certain Ratio, Charlatans, The Cult, Electrafixion, Electronic, Everything But The Girl, Bryan Ferry, Neil Finn, Haven, Impossible Dreamers, Bert Jansch, Denise Johnson, K-Klass, M People, Kirsty MacColl, Marion, Moodswings, Oasis, Beth Orton, Pet Shop Boys, Pretenders, Quando Quango, Stex, Talking Heads, The The.

Johnny covered Bob Dylan's "Don' think twice it's alright," for the June 02 issue of Uncut.

Alonza Bevan (Bass and backing vocals) was born Oct. 24, 1970 in West London. He is often described in the press as being unbelievably kind and polite. He met Crispian Mills at school and joined him in a band called "The Oobjects of Desire." The Objects of Desire were Alonza, Crispian Mills, Marcus Maclaine and Paul Winterhart.

After their time with Marcus in Objects of Desire, Alonza, Crispian, and Pauli formed a band called " The kays." In 1995, the band changed their name to Kula Shaker. In September 1999, Kula Shaker splitted and Crispian started a solo career. After the split of the band Alonza fell into deep depression. But a few months later he joined Johnny Marr's Healers. 

Zak Starkey (On the Drums), son of Ringo Starr, was born September 13, 1965 in Queens Charlotte's Maternity Hospital. He had his fair share of playing in bands over the years and still going at it. Zak was part of Roger Daltrey's backing band of "Friends" at the Stars 2002 Gala benefit. His formal band was The Who.

After hearing their new CD BOOMSLANG I definitely would recommend buying this. The songs have a great sound to them. Although each of the songs are good. I already have my favorites. Check it out and enjoy!

Tracie Reed

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