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Singer/Songwriter Kyle Lardner To Release Her Debut CD 'Sail Among The Stars' on Little Dizzy Records / Warrior / Universal Music Distribution on September 25, 2007

Her Debut Single "The Blanket Song" Most Added R&R

19 year-old Kyle Lardner is a performer truly invested in her craft. Her songs generate emotion and a unique thought provoking style. Her debut album "Sail Among The Stars" is due in stores September 25, 2007.

The CD heaves listeners into the depths of the artist's soul. The record's transcendent quality blurs the boundaries of multiple genres with complex layering and a unique blending of lighter pop melodies intertwined with dark, raw lyrical content. The refreshing honesty of her work touches upon a range of emotions.

The first single, "The Blanket Song" is lush with emotion and pretty harmonies. Lardner says,

"The song is about my first relationship ... a summer romance and I was in love!" Another groundbreaking song on the CD entitled "Costa Rica" is an allegory. Lardner explains, "Costa Rica is the guy I want to escape with. It has double meaning. It was supposed to be a sad song but in the end the real meaning came through." Lardner's debut CD "Sail Among The Stars" offers listeners a candid look into an insightful spirited young mind.

She quickly began to chase her calling. The result is a stunning debut CD that features 10 diverse and emotionally fueled tracks. Lardner comes from a notable lineage of writers and journalists including the late Ring Lardner -- legendary sports journalist.

Kyle Lardner's debut album "Sail Among the Stars" is an emotional and uplifting experience. She brings back old school singer/songwriter style with a provocative youthful new twist. Check out her website at .

Little Dizzy Records is an independent record label based in Sherman Oaks, CA. Founded in 2002, it specializes in AC, Urban AC, and Hip-Hop. Little Dizzy's cofounder is former Motown writer/producer Michael B Sutton. In 2002, Sutton co-wrote the hit single "Guess Who's Back" from Scarface/Jay-Z's Gold album entitled "The Fix". The single was produced by Kanye West. Other artists on the Little Dizzy roster include: Dionyza, Stanley James, Angie Whitney, Parker and more. Little Dizzy Records has national distribution through Warrior Records to be distributed by Universal Music Group Distribution.

Source: Little Dizzy Records
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