Bernadette Moley

With a lottery won U.S. visa, one suitcase, one guitar, and one annoyed cat, Bernadette bought a oneway ticket to Los Angeles, California, leaving behind family and friends to pursue her dream of making music.

While working on her own material, she joined a band as a back up singer, as well as working a day job as a successful animator for Disney - art being Bernadette's other great passion.

Bernadette was intrigued by the history of Irish traditional songs, which are used to pass on stories from generation to generation, and she endeavors to keep that same sense of storytelling in her work. Her songs deal primarily with relationships; not only romantic, but also between friends and siblings and parents and children- touching on loss, hope, and love.

Bernadette Moley was born and raised on a farm in Ireland, amidst seemingly endless rolling green hills; the only sound that of a small river and a dog bark every now and then.

Bernadette was drawn to music by the radio. She spent hours in her Dad's car, flattening the battery while listening to the likes of Bob Dylan, The Beatles and Ella Fitzgerald.

Throughout her childhood she was a poetry nut, particularly drawn to the writing of W.B. Yeats, Patrick Kavanagh, and Shakespeare's sonnets.

After arriving in Los Angeles, Bernadette was soon to meet Rob Hoffman and Heather Holley, who together form Elicit Music Production, and are probably best known for their Development and Production work with Christina Aguillera. Together they produced a demo CD that they shopped around to different labels. Bernadette's day job at this point was on shaky ground, and on the very day Disney was downsizing the company and laid her off, she received a call from Heather Holley saying Ian Faith at GCG had made an offer.

Her album "all I want" is a collection of 12 beautiful songs entwined with Irish influences that tell stories of her life, her friends and the emotions that color her days. On its preRelease on the iTunes Music Store it raced into the top 10 alongside Norah Jones and Diana Krall, there it stayed for several weeks. Apple chose her song Evelyn's Child for one of 10 songs on their iTunes Vocal International sampler. A video for the first single Brief Moments contains a cameo appearance by Eric Stoltz.

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