Lou Rawls

Official Statement from
Kenny Gamble and Leon Huff on
the Passing of Lou Rawls

"It is with deep sympathy and heartfelt compassion that we send our condolences and prayers to the family of Lou Rawls. Lou was a vital part of the star-studded roster of artists signed to our Philadelphia International Records label throughout the '70s and a tremendous contributor to our international success. Having had the great pleasure and distinct honor of writing, producing and recording an abundance of songs for Lou, we proudly give glowing testament to his exceptional vocal prowess.

Lou possessed one of the best voices in the industry and one of the richest baritones we've ever heard. When it came time for Lou to lay his matchless voice over our tracks, the winning outcome was a consistent flow of jubilant and astonishing magic and majesty. Working with Lou was indeed one of the biggest highlights of our career, as writing and producing for an artist of his caliber helped to make us better musicians.

Beyond his magnificent voice and amazing career as a music artist, we salute Lou for his stellar reputation as a great humanitarian as demonstrated by his selfless work in raising millions of dollars for the United Negro College Fund. Lou's noble efforts opened the doors of higher education for millions of African Americans who, otherwise, may never have been introduced to the college experience. He used his star power to help others, which made him shine even brighter. Lou Rawls will forever be remembered as a remarkable human being, an outstanding recording artist, a spectacular stage performer and unquestionably, an essential part of the fabric of The Sound of Philadelphia."

Kenny Gamble and Leon Huff, co-founders of Philadelphia International Records, are credited with resurging Lou Rawls' career in the '70s by writing and producing a myriad of songs for Lou, including "You'll Never Find Another Love Like Mine," "Groovy People" and "Lady Love." Plans are underway for Philadelphia International Records to release a number of unreleased Lou Rawls tracks sealed tightly in its vaults.

Source: Philadelphia International Records
PHILADELPHIA, Jan. 6, 2006 /PRNewswire/ --

UNCF Mourns the Passing of Lou Rawls

Legendary Entertainer Raised
Millions of Dollars for College Students

"The entire United Negro College Fund (UNCF) family mourns the passing of Lou Rawls, whose distinctive voice graced the entertainment scene for more than 40 years," announced Michael L. Lomax, Ph.D., President and CEO of UNCF. "Our prayers are with his family, now."

Since 1979, as founder and perennial star of the annual telecast, the Lou Rawls Parade of Stars, now known as An Evening of Stars, Lou has used his talent and energy to help young African Americans get the education they need and deserve. Tens of thousands of college-educated men and women are the beneficiaries of his dedication and enormous generosity.

Rawls is recognized for conceiving the program in 1979 and in 2004 he was the tribute honoree" during the 25th airing of An Evening of Stars. This year's An Evening of Stars was recorded in September 2005 and will air nationwide this weekend, January 6-8, 2006.

"Twenty-seven years ago, Lou was one of the earliest entertainers to understand the power of celebrity to do good," continued Lomax. "Although Lou was ill at the time of the taping, participating in this annual UNCF event was something he wanted to do. Here again, we saw Lou's commitment to helping students advance their dream of a college education."

The United Negro College Fund has lost a friend. Lou Rawls lent his magnificent voice to an organization whose sole mission is to help students get the college education they need and deserve but could not otherwise afford.

Source: United Negro College Fund
FAIRFAX, Va., Jan. 6, 2006 /PRNewswire/ --
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UNCF Mourns the Passing of Lou Rawls

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