Return from Europe to tour the US

Interview by Tracie Reed

Special Tucson, AZ. concert:

SOULFLY With Special Guest Gridlokt
October 1, 2004
City Limits, 6350 E. Tanque Verde (Tanque Verde & Pima)
Doors at 8:00 P.M. All Ages Show

Upon his exit from Sepultura in late 1996, singer/guitarist/songwriter Max Cavalera Formed Soulfly in 1997. Besides leaving one of the most popular heavy metal bands in the world, which he co-founded in the early '80s, Cavalera put together a band that included Roy "Rata" Mayorga on drums (ex-Thorn), Jackson Bandeira on second guitar (ex-Chico Science), and  Marcello D Rapp on bass.  Their self-titled debut album, "Bleed", was released in the spring of 1998 and their second album, “Primitive”, was released in the fall of 2000.  The band stepped back into the studio utilizing their individual talents and created “Prophecy”, which was released by the band's label Roadrunner in 2004.

• $17.50 in advance, $20 day of show
• Please feel free to visit these band’s websites: &
• Local Opener TBA.

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NEW CD from Soul Fly!

by Tracie Reed

(5/11/03) A heavy rock band that really rocks! These guys have been on various covers of magazines. Rolling Stones, Spin, Guitar and many more. Their latest CD Soulfly 3 is to be released May 13th. It has 14 songs with some deep and interesting lyrics. My favorite is called One. Soulfly will have a show in Tucson at the Rialto on the 22nd of May. I will bring you an up date of the show with an interview with Max Cavalera and some great pictures to show you.

After three months of touring through March 2003 in Russia, Austria, Macedonia, Greece, Serbia, Poland, France, Finland, Germany, Italy, Scandinavia, Benelux, The United Kingdom etc, eighteen countries in all, Roadrunner Records Recording artists SOULFLY return home to the US to bring their unstoppable brand of World-Metal to anticipating fans.

It has been a long time coming since SOULFLY last toured the US with Slayer in the Fall of 2002. The spring tour features opening acts E-Town Concrete and Sworn Enemy.

Awarded Gold records eighteen times world wide , SOULFLY leader Max Cavalera, one of the most socially aware musicians, has just toured with his band SOULFLY in some countries where international bands have never toured before. In the past, Max performed with David Bowie, Peter Gabriel, Sting, Aerosmith, Robert Plant and has done numerous tours on Ozzfest. Max is an icon in the heavy music World Metal genre. SOULFLY is actually the first international band to set up a merchandising deal in Russia and with a Russian Company.

From the early days of Roots CD Rahtamahatta, (Carlinhos Brown,) and performances in the early 1990's with Larry Mc Donald (Bob Marley and Gill Scott Heron,) featured drum performances by Mei Noite, validates - Max, the inventor and father of world metal's designated title.

On the recent European tour, fans were nervous and excited over the sheer raw power of SOULFLY's performances. Whether they could speak English or not the fans didn't miss singing one word of the lyrics to SOULFLY's songs; and the tornading pits never slowed.

"This tour brings back memories of the fans anticipation and reminds me of when I had experienced another first-time-rock-concert in Indonesia, (2 cities Jakarta and Surabaya), (Sepultura, from Brazil -Max's first band - for those living under a rock -had actually gone there one year before Metallica,) "we performed for 40,000 fans each show- 100% craziness. We had been the first rock/metal show ever there."

On this Winter European tour, all of the Balkan countries contained the same raw energy and the fans had been bottling it up! Another sold out show! And surprisingly the fans knew all of the lyrics, screaming them and stage diving ruled the show!î states Max.

The band played for hundreds of thousands of fans on the recent European tour. Never ending fans, fans and more fans, and then press, press and even more press! This tour was rich in culture and history too.

SOULFLY performed in Sports Stadiums, Hockey Arenas and Ballet Theaters. Each performance was not only sold-out but in most cases over-sold.

The band visited historical places like unimaginably beautiful Cathedrals' Castles' Landscapes, Caviar and Vodka in Greece the band crossed the Corinthian Canal - which was dug by had by slaves and runs hundreds of eet deep through a mountain where Catherine the Great put the wheel of acquiring art into motion, The Red Square, Mozart's home... the Parthenon as well as the very spot where at the order of Lenin the Bolsheviks stormed the Tsar.

SOULFLY's European tour was an adventure of treacherous conditions; icy, dark and cold, where some of the cities had very few hours of sunlight during this time of year. They made the trip by bus, ferry and train. True nomads.

Most of the time the band had translators but at times there were circumstances where no one spoke English. The band were even detained in Belarus - an unforgettable experience which SOULFLY contentedly endured to bring their world-metal sound to the devoted and constant raging fans.

At some performances, SOULFLY even did a special cover version of Territorial Pissing to tribute Nirvana and it will be a surprise what Max's SOULFLY brings to the American audiences.

Now SOULFLY take it home to the U.S. to tour this spring to feed their hungry waiting fans their tribal, spiritual and aggressive world metal; SOULFLY are relentless in this sense of duty.

Dates are as follows;

11 Roxy Theater - West Hollywood, CA
12 Huntridge Theater - Las Vegas, NV
13 Colonial Theater - Sacramento, CA
14 New Oasis - Sparks, NV
15 Bricks- Salt Lake, UT
16 The Big Easy/ Bourbon - Boise, ID
17 Roseland- Portland, OR
18 Fat Tuesday- Spokane, WA
19 Showbox - Seattle, WA
20 Commodore Ballroom - Vancouver, British Columbia
22 Reds - Edmonton, Alberta
23 Macewan Hall - Calgary, Alberta
24 Riddel Centre - Regina Saskatchewan
25 Les Rendezvous - Winnipeg, Manitoba
26 The Quest - Minneapolis MN
27 The Annex - Madison, WI
29 Emerald Theatre - Mt. Clemens, MI
30 Headliners - Toledo, OH
01 House of Blues - Chicago, IL
02 Peabody's Down Under - Cleveland, OH
03 Showplace Theatre - Buffalo, NY
04 Kool Haus - Toronto, Ontario
06 Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel - Providence, RI
07 BB Kings - NYC
09 Birch hill -Old Bridge, NJ
10 Avalon - Boston, MA
12 Recher Theater - Towson, MD
13 Ziggy's - Winston-Salem, NC
15 Jillians - Louisville, KY
17 Newport Music Hall - Columbus , OH
19 Fox Theatre - Boulder, CO
20 Starlight Theater - Ft. Collins, CO
21 Sunshine Theatre - Albuquerque, NM
22 Rialto Theatre - Tucson, AZ
23 Marquis - Phoenix, AZ
24 House of Blues - Anaheim, CA

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