"Fat. drunk & stupid
is no way to go through life."

Dean Wormer- National Lampoon's Animal House

Well, the fat & stupid part anyway. A cold beer has fueled a raucous performance or two in the wonderful world of Tomatohead.

They're a primal scream with a dose of mischief and humor. There is angst in them thar boys but even though it's for real, it's done with a wink.

What's with the name? After an explosive live performance, an inspired fan exclaimed: "Look at his red face (referring to vocalist Gene)! His veins are popping out of his neck! He's a Tomatohead!" The name stuck and the legend of their furious live show had begun.

Comprised of Gene Caehy 111- vocals, Dennis Scheer lead & rhythm guitar. Tom Enslin- lead & rhythm guitar, Jayson Won -drums and Johnny Perez -bass, world domination is part of the plan, but as long as they have a good time along the way.

There's torment in their music but intelligence and humor as well. With a wicked brew of skate, surf, punk, mosh-pit and smarts, no club is too grungy or too far out it the sticks for them to play it. This is a beer-fueled, head banging, ear-ringing assault that ignites the kind of bliss that only a rock n' roller can understand.

No, thisain't your parent's music. This is the kind of music that can scare Britney Speor's three hundred pound bodyguard to death. Their sonic mugging massages one side of your head while their lyrics rock the other.

When one talks to Gene Caehy III, the voice of Tomatohead, it's easy to be put off balance by his almost Zen-like attitude and his devotion to his mother. But one listen to his voice will show that this man, along with his cohorts is on a mission.

With Tomatohead, what you see and what you hear is what you get and what you get is an auditory assault. a sense of humor and a pummeling good time!

Tomatohead's debut record "Punch" was produced at GCG's state of the art recording studio (located at the Global Creative Group's headquarters) with noted producer and newly appointed Tomatohead bass player John Perez at the controls. This is real music with nary a special production effect in sight. "Effects?

The 11 songs have uncompromising energy and all told, make a quality rock record. The band has been compared to Motorhead, Rob Zombie and Cold but make no mistake, this band has blazed their own trail of empty beer bottles.

Radio stations across the country (39 of them!) started playing Tomatohead's 3 song sampler at the end of 2003, with several stations charting them in the top-20 of their play list.

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