Swedish rock n roll bands

By Sandro Herrera Johnston


After the band Electric Boys released their secund album "Funky Metal- Carpet Ride," in U.S., Lips N Hips, talk about a smashing hit. The Electric Boys had a huge hit with Lips N Hips, every where Electric Boys, who took over the rest of the world.


From Conny Blomkvist to just Conny Bloom.

The Swedish ex vocalist singer from the rock n roll band Electric Boys, Conny Bloom, survives after breaking up with the band Electric Boys. Conny Bloom came out with his first solo album years later the break up. The song, Lips n Hips, was one of the Electric Boys absolutely biggest hit in America. Conny Bloom, with guests on his solo album like Dregen, the guitarist from Hellacopters & Back Yard Babies, and Andy Christell,  the ex bassist from Electric Boys.

Conny Bloom keeps rockin' like in the old days in my opinion I do really believe America is ready for Conny Bloom- who still rockin'.

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