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(This is a legacy page for Gerry Glombiecki. This product is no longer available.)

The Original Delta Slider Blues Bottleneck

bottlenecka product of Lost Country Music
created by Gerry Glombecki

Handpicked to meet the playing standards of active blues guitarists
Handfinished for authentic feel and sound
Made from 100% recycled glass

The tradition of bottleneck blues guitar playing extends from the rural fron porch on a dusty road in the Mississippi Delta, the urban blues bars of Memphis or Chicago, to the coffeehouse scene of Boston or San Francisco and beyond... This treasured sound of American music is the result of hard work, hard luck, hard living, hard times and good music... The sound produced by 100% glass bottlenecks is unmatched by commercial imitations. Only a real bottleneck can giver you that authentic sound...The Original Delta Slider Blues Bottleneck is handpicked for its feel and playability. Handfinished to remove any imperfections, we often test Delta Slider with a song or two before we package them for the trip to you... Retail price is $8.95, does not include shipping and handling.

delta sliderThe Original Delta Slider's
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Laguna Niguel, CA.

Lansing, Michigan
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Catonsville, Maryland
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Phoenix, Arizona

Dallas, Texas

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