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Entertainment Magazine On-Line presents Tina Alvarez, longtime Tucson, Arizona reporter who has covered the Arizona music scene and interviewed dozens of national artists for the past two decades. Tina has written for "Entertainment Magazine" print edition since the 1980's and Tucson's alternative publication by Jonathan L "Newsreal" since the 1970's. Tina features a column and exclusive interviews with national and regional artists. E-Mail Your Comments, Feedback to Tina Alvarez.

Archive Interviews

Canned Heat

The Sam Taylor Story (REVISED)

Primal Scream, A Condensed History

Boy, Oh Boy, Oh BoDeans

The Ska-punk Sounds ofThe Dance Hall Crashers

Walter Trout; Not Ready To Give Up His Country

Joe Rush
Gerry Glombecki

Funky Bonz

The Pistoleros

Tina's National Artist Interviews

Hoodoo Gurus
Jane Weidlin of frosTed
Tower of Power
Peter, Paul & Mary
Plastic Museum

Tina's Archives

Tina's Column

Tina's Korner Archives:
Monthly music notes for Phoenix and Tucson

Random Musings Archives
National Musical Notes

Plastic Museum
Release of ""Full Frontal Nudity"

Super 8
Penelope Houston
Sept./Oct. Random Musings
Interview with Pete Droge

Arizona Musician Links

George Howard of the Roadhouse Hounds Interview
Gerry Glombecki Home Pages and The Original Delta Slideback
Funky Bonz
Michael Gulezian
Liars, Gods and Beggers Interview
The Blue Light Blues Band Interview

Tina's Archived Musician Features

National Music Archives

Babette's Feast
Goo Goo Dolls
Elvis Costello
Lowen and Navarro
London Suite
Jimmie Vaughan
Rapping It Up
The Tucson Music Report archives
Random Musings

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