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These pages are extracts from Ron Quinn's book "Mysterious Disappearances" available on Amazon.com.

Your Other Half

By Ron Quinn

There are many mysterious tales throughout the world of people who appear for brief moments shortly after sudden death – to bid loved ones goodbye or to warn others of impending danger.

These forms seem to be solid living people and vanish soon afterwards. The following cases illustrate this quite well.

One evening, on a twisting mountain road during 1963, a deadly car accident occurred. Two vehicles hit head on just around a sharp bend. The only casualty was the gentleman driving the sports car.

At that precise moment a man appeared on the road. He was waving his arms and signaling approaching cars that couldn’t see the accident around the turn to stop. With this accomplished, he suddenly disappeared.

The individual turned out to be the gentleman who died. Other drivers agreed that the headlights reflected off the man as though he was solid. At his death, this man projected another image of him self to warn others. In doing so, perhaps, he saved others from being killed.

A similar occurrence unfolded south of Tucson, Arizona.

A young man was returning to his mother’s home and was hit by a drunken diver. He died instantly at the scene. The time was around nine thirty in the evening.

At that same time, his mother entered her kitchen. Her son was standing near the stove. He smiled and said, “No need to worry, Mom. I’m fine. I love you.” He then vanished before her eyes. Several hours later a deputy arrived informing her of the fatality. All who have experienced this claim that the form is solid and not a transparent apparition.

Those who are in a deep sleep or coma also seem to be able to project another image of their self without knowing it.

These following cases are quite interesting.

A Flash of Light

By Ron Quinn

Roy Green has been truck driving for some fifteen years. During this period he witnessed numerous accidents, fires, police chases, etc, along the busy interstates. But this day would be like no other.

While traveling one spring afternoon between Bend and Burns, Oregon on State 20, a white Caddy shot by in the passing lane doing over seventy five. Then slowed, pulling back into the right lane several hundred feet in front of him.

Moments later a bright flash of light filled his cab. It only lasted a second or two before things returned to normal. But, the car had vanished. Roy pulled to the side and stopped. Several cars approaching from the opposite direction did the same.

One driver leaped out shouting, “Damn, did you see that?” Another claimed the flash appeared directly over the Caddy. No sign of the vehicle could be found, not even skid marks. It was like the Caddy never even existed.

Roy, now eighty-one, remembers the incident as though it happened only yesterday. He often wonders, what if the car hadn’t pulled in front? Could he have been the one disappearing within the light?

What mysterious force caused this strange phenomenon?

Was it some freak of nature? Or, was it that well known time warp?

Or was some higher intelligence responsible?

Now available from Amazon

Mysterious DisappearancesRon QUinn

By Ron Quinn

Paperback: 202 pages
Publisher: BZB Publishing, Incorporated (December 30, 2013)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1939050049
ISBN-13: 978-1939050045

By Ron Quinn

Though well known in Upstate New York, few of us outside of the region have heard the tales and legends of the Little People of the Catskills. Ron Quinn brings you the wondrous stories of these intriguing and mysterious folk. Illustrated with Ron's clever and humorous drawings, these stories are guaranteed to entertain and delight. Have you ever seen one of these wee folk?

Paperback: 148 pages
Publisher: Galde Press, Inc., September 1, 2006
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1931942250
ISBN-13: 978-1931942256

By Ron Quinn

Treasure hunting in Southern Arizona with Ron Quinn, brother Chuck, and good friends and partners, Roy Purdie and Walt Fisher is a fun read and a great book for novice or seasoned treasure hunters. Searching for hidden treasures few have ever heard of, we had discovered places that have never been visited by others to this day. Each day was a new, exciting adventure finding strange Indian caves, ancient stone walls and lost Spanish settlements. These two wonderful years would become the most adventurous times of our lives.

List Price: $19.99
Size: 8.5" x 11" (21.59 x 27.94 cm)
Pages: 304
BZB Publishing, Incorporated
ISBN-13: 978-1939050403
ISBN-10: 1939050405


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