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Chuck Negron: former Three Dog Night member

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Interview with Chuck Negron

Entertainment Magazine
, 1996

Three Dog Night (so named from the Aborigine term for an extremely cold evening) was one of the most popular (and influential) bands to take this country by storm in the 60's and 70's.

With powerhouse hits like "Joy To The World" and "Celebrate," these guys will ALWAYS be popular!

Former lead singer (and all around cool guy) Chuck Negron is blessing Laughlin soil with his presence as part of Flamingo Hilton's Juke Box Giants (a Rock & Sock production). Negron blessed ME with an interview last week where we discussed his "old" band, the "Juke" shows and his impressive (to say the very least) new CD, "Am I Still In Your Heart"

I interviewed Chuck Negron LIVE on Lucky 108 FM (107.9 Laughlin/Bullhead, 103.9 Lake Havasu, 107 Kingman and 100.1 Las Vegas) on January 24, 1996 at 8:40 AM Arizona time.

PAISLEY: If you hear anything weird, it's my baby- Molle, she just turned one.

CHUCK: I completely understand. My wife and I have a two year old.

PAISLEY: Everyone can remember where they were when they heard their favorite "Three Dog Night" songs for the first time. What's it like living with that legacy?

CHUCK: Actually, I don't have to live with it, I just have to live with myself. (He laughs. This guy laughs a lot. We're going to get along fine.) It's nice being a part of something that was so successful especially if it meant something positive to someone. I'm like everyone else. I have my songs that put me in a particular time and place. That are important to me. That's the wonderful thing about music- and the most wonderful thing for me- that I could be a part of those moments for others.

PAISLEY: You were 20 when you joined "Three Dog Night". Before that, college?

CHUCK: Yeah, I majored in business law and minored in music.

PAISLEY: How's the law thing going for you now? (another hearty round of humor).You guys were actually responsible for launching other artist's careers.

CHUCK: Not intentionally. We were just looking for great material, songs. Hoyt Axton ("Joy To The World"), Laura Nero ("Eli's Coming"), Elton John ("Lady Samantha"), Paul Williams ("The family Of Man", "Just An Old Fashioned Love Song") and Randy Newman ("Mama Told Me Not To Come").

PAISLEY: What's your favorite "TDN" song?

CHUCK: I don't know. I guess I'd have to say "One". It was very different than our other songs. The one I'm most proud of is "Easy To Be Hard" (from the Broadway smash "Hair") because I did it in one take.

PAISLEY: What can we expect from you at the Flamingo show?

CHUCK: You can expect to hear a BETTER voice than you heard in the 60's and 70's singing about five "TDN" tunes plus some stuff off my new CD.

  The CD is absolutely spectacular. I expected it to sound like someone who hasn't had a hit in 20 years pandering to anyone who would buy. I'm a fool because Chuck Negron has NEVER been about that! He simply loves music- and people who love music. Check out his heart-stopping rendition of Cream's "I Feel Free" and you'll agree: out of the abundance of his heart, Chuck singeth.


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