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Growing LV is not stopping

Signs of construction are everywhere on the Las Vegas Strip, in the hotels and throughout the city.

There is the new development of Wynn, Trump's new hotel, additions to Caesar's Forum, the Bellagio and more remodeling inside the older hotels.

Enjoy a selection of photos taken in Las Vegas Strip and hotels.

(Next two photos) In the place of the Old Sahara Hotel (photo lower right), a new construction development. Across the street (photo below) is the new Wynn Hotel.

A new Walgreens is being built on the Sahara property (lower right hand corner of photo).

It's much easier to cross the busy Strip without having to wait for the lights to change or dart between angry taxi drivers blaring horns.

Walkways, escaltors and elevators move the foot traffic faster across and down the Strip.

A technical problem shut down the new Monorail that should help move people faster up and down the Strip. A connection to Downtown will join both entertainment areas into one.Las Vegas Strip walkwayWhen the monorail was out- everyone has to hoof it.

Escalators and elevators help push foot and wheelchair access up and down the street at a faster pace.

Escalators span across intersections, between hotel casinos, and in the hotels themselves.


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