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By Jonathan L

As someone who listens to at least 30 full CDs a week, I can understand why sales are down, and it is becoming more of a 'singles' world. Most 'albums' are not that fullfilling.

Hence tons of only single downloads on people's favorite songs. Yes, it's become a 'singles' world my friends.

Here are two full CD's that I believe are worthy of a full download, or if you have a record store that has a cool supply of music nearby, other than just the popular artists, than purchase these.

Hanzel und Gretyl "Zwanzig Zwolf"

(Metropolis Records)

When you click on the above link, the first thing you find out is that the three-piece group is actually from New York.

Who knew?.

LOL-I should have read this weeks ago. I got fooled, as others have too. I thought they were from Germany. Hey, no excuses, I listen to music, not read first. Am I embaressed that I have been saying for weeks that they were a German band?

Not at all. Shit happens. This CD is amazingly powerful, a metal/industrial fan's wetdream. Riviting, like a nail gun to the head, yet plenty of dramatic and choral moments to make each song unique in it's own way. "Best of Show" in it's style at the moment!

By the way, two of the members are German. ;-)

Buy it from Amazon: 2012: Zwanzig Zwolf
Download it from iTunes: Hanzel Und Gretyl - 2012 - Zwanzig Zwölf "Zwanzig Zwolf"
More Downloads: Hanzel Und Gretyl Hanzel und Gretyl

Louis XIV "Slick Dogs and Ponies"

(Atlantic Records)

And I thought this group from San Diego was teriffic in their past efforts. This time they have found their groove.

Beginning with the single "Guilt By Association", their familiar sound, which by the way has a 'tickle me Elmo' feel, but from there on the album then gradually shows many other sides of their musical maturity.

Singer Jason Hill has such a Euro voice, hard to believe he's from the land of Seaworld. It's only February, but this has to be a contender for many musical pundits fave lists later on this year.

This is one CD loaded with substance!

Buy it from Amazon: Slick Dogs and Ponies
Download it from iTunes: Louis XIV - Slick Dogs and Ponies Slick Dogs and Ponies
More Downloads:
Louis XIV Lous XIV

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