Presented March 22, 2001

at Pima Community College West Campus 2001

"Adjunct Achievement Award to Robert Zucker for Exemplary Teaching That Promotes Active Learning"

Pima Community College

2001 Adjunct Faculty Member of the Year

Presented to Robert Zucker, publisher of

Zucker named among Outstanding Adjunct Faculty

On March 22, Bob Zucker was named as one of five outstanding adjunct faculty members on the West Campus.

Bob serves as the faculty advisor for the Aztec Press, and has done a phenomenal job in guiding the students in producing a credible, interesting paper.

Bob took on the position without much advance notice and has significantly contributed to the education and training of our Journalism students.

In addition, Bob also teaches some of our MEC (Media Communication) courses and is involved with the new online publishing lab.

Congratulations, Bob!

From the Pima Community College Communications & Humanities Newsletter, April 2001

Nomination for Adjunct Faculty Member of the Year
Robert Zucker, Adviser of the Aztec Press

Robert Zucker began at Pima Community College in 1995 as a part-time teacher of one class. He became Operations Manager for the Aztec Press and has been running the lab, buying supplies and maintaining equipment ever since.

In the summer of 2000, three weeks before school began for the Fall, the Aztec Press lost its advisor. With no one else to step into the job, Bob took on the tremendous responsibility. He had to begin at square one and learn everything about running a college newspaper in a matter of weeks. He had to deal with budgeting and finance, preparing lesson plans, meeting with students, creating a staff and much, much more. To make matters worse, the only other person who knew anything about the newspaper was on sabbatical for the entire semester.

Within the first two months, it was quite obvious that Bob was doing a remarkable job. Things were much more organized, advertising revenue was going up and the paper was looking spectacular. Seven months later, it's even more apparent. On top of these accomplishments, Bob has had to keep up on his own life.

He is an instructor at the University of Arizona and owns, manages and runs his own publication, the
Entertainment Magazine. On most days, Bob will begin his morning early to contact clients and work on stories and design for the Entertainment Magazine. Then he will head over to the UofA to teach two classes. Then he flies over to the Aztec Press to teach yet another class, sift through paperwork and deal with the students and staff. He stays late into the evening, often until 8 or 9 p.m.

Robert Zucker makes things happen. He has been continuously struggling with numerous setbacks and obstacles, and yet all aspects of his life continue to thrive, especially the Aztec Press.


Jennifer Judge, Editor in chief of Aztec Press
Eric Sagara, Editor in chief of Aztec Press
Nancy Kelleher, Ad Production Manager of Aztec Press
Heidi Lytle, Business Manager of Aztec Press
Christy Dennison, Office Manager of Aztec Press
Misti Smith, student
Deborah Kravitz, student
Jess Smith, Office secretary for Aztec Press

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