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Everyone has problems from time to time. Some can be solved alone; others require help. Sometimes, living in the center of a problem makes it difficult to recognize. Sometimes, it can be seen but it seems there is no help, no way out of it.

That's where your Employee Assistance Program, Inc. comes in. The EAP, Inc. provides you with the right kind of help to solve your personal problems.

Simply call for an appointment to meet with a counselor to discuss problems relating to:

  • marriage
  • family
  • alcohol
  • drugs
  • weight control
  • depression
  • tension
  • interpersonal relations
  • gambling
  • stress
  • finances
  • job

The EAP is a counseling service for employees and their families who need help with personal problems.


Every business is composed of the people who operate it. It's simply good business to help employees function at the top performance level.

Personne1 problems cause absenteeism, tardiness, higher accident rates, poor business relations, faulty decision making and an overall decline in work performance.

It has been proven that helping an employee to help themselves is far less costly than firing, rehiring and retraining.


Employees or members of their families may contact EAP directly. Employees may also be referred by supervisors.

For direct contact with a counselor, call 325-9458. Appointments will be scheduled at your convenience.

If you prefer, ask your supervisor or the personnel department to make the appointment for you.

In a private interview, the EAP counselor will help you determine the nature of your problem, and help you map out a personal program for solving it.

A vast majority of referrals to the EAP are voluntary.

On occasion, supervisors may recommend that an employee seek help through EAP. This is not a cop-out; it's a question of good judgment and good management. Look at it this way - any time you need a specialist (computer, painter, plumber) you get one. Are people worth the same care? Helping a troubled employee also calls for a specialist.


EAP offers constructive, positive help for all employees. Whether you are referred by your boss or seek help on your own, confidentiality will be maintained. Specific details or definition of an employee problem is confidential. Only with an employee's signed consent will any information between counselor and employee be released.

Your employer will not be informed that you are seeking help unless you request it. Your visits to the EAP counselor will not be entered in your record file. The program is totally confidential.

If your problems are interfering with your job performance, your employer may recommend the service to you.

In either event, your employer is concerned about you and encourages your use of the program when needed.


The longer you wait before help is sought, the more serious the problem becomes. Often a problem can be "nipped In the bud" by seeking help as soon as it begins to effect your sense of well-being, at home or on the job.

Asking for help isn't always easy - until you do it. When that important step is taken, you immediately begin living in the solution instead of living in the problem.

Help is available; your company is providing it for you.


If you wait too long, your problem becomes a problem to other people - to your family, to your company.

Your supervisors may spot a progressing problem by observing a pattern of poor job performance and may refer you to the Employee Assistance Program.

Sometimes, the person with the problem is the last to know, and this presents the greatest obstacle to getting help.


Your employer pays for the services of the EAP and regards the program as part of your fringe benefits.

There is no charge for the counseling and, if it is determined that additional help is needed, the EAP counselor is well-acquainted with community programs which offer assistance.

This program is one of your benefits. As such, there is no cost to you for initial counseling. EAP will evaluate and assess your concerns and develop with you a plan of action to solve the identified problem(s).

In the event additional outside referral is necessary, your EAP counselor will try to refer you to:

a. resources covered under your group insurance

b. free resources In the community

c. resources based on your ability to pay

The Goal: Best service at least cost to you.


No employees job security or promotion opportunities will be endangered by a request for assistance. Your company is providing the Employee Assistance Program because they prefer to help valuable employees return to full productivity.



  • Elimination of unnecessary cost due to losses in human resources (skills and productive capability).
  • Solution of difficult personnel problems
  • Retention of majority of the work force as satisfactory employees
  • Improved public and community relations and attitudes
  • Constructive participation In community responsibility
  • Cooperation from unions with rehabilitation efforts
  • Preventive Influence on troubled employees

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