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Dating with your cell phone

Meet mobile singles around the world

Cell phone dating apps, texting and chat messaging with other singles on a mobile device is the hot new way to meet others around the corner or around the world.

Mobile phone dating is done through cell phone based web sites. This makes it easier to find new connections and to meet others across the planet while chatting on a cell phone. The popularity of cell phone dating in Germany, Canada, France, UK and Japan are the most active countries. The United States lags behind in dating by SMS or phone apps until recently.


Dating Apps by SMS Chat

Over the past few years, more people have been shifting their dating search from newspapers, to the web, meeting singles on their mobile cell phone- called SMS Chat or SMS Dating. There is more anonymity with cell phone dating- all messages go through the dating service so the person on the other end doesn't have your direct phone number.

Finding a mate through SMS dating is more popular in the UK, UAE and Asia overall. In the US, it is just becoming an option. The increase in 3G handsets will increase the use of cell phone dating further. In India, where there are millions of cell phone users, cell phone dating is a choice to meet someone.


eHarmony Singles Mobile Dating App 

Free trial phone dating increase in popularity

The latest trend is using cell phones for mobile or phone dating. Phone chat is a quick way to exchange messages and get to know someone little by little. Phone dating is available regionally and internationally from companies.

Free cell phone dating sites and services usually just offer introductory promotions for a limited time to try their service.

But, membership fees are usually so low, and the popularity of the services are so high, that people join just to be a part of the network community. Mobile dating online is growing in Germany, France, Canada and the U.K. The U.S. cell phone dating market is just taking off.

Text a date to make a date on your mobile

Set up a date over a mobile with cell phone chat by signing into a mobile match web site. Find a date by scrolling through options on your cell phone, then send a text message or set up a chat conversations on your mobile.

Most people will chat for a few days or weeks before hooking up for coffee or a date. That's when phone numbers are exchanged. Some shy people find it easier to text for a date than to ask for one.

One of the best advantages to cell phone dating is that the person on the other end don't know your name, phone number or identity until you share it.

Video phones have an added plus and a minus. Using a video phone option requires showing your face in a video clip. Conversations are live and you can't hide behind a emotive. Yet some people find it easier to text.

Cell phone dating services free trail dating sites

Mobile dating services usually have a subscription, about $9.99 or more a month to start. Some also charge a few cents for each message. Some offer few messages in their plans.

To encourage new subscribers, some mobile dating companies give incentives like free trial phone dating, live chats and cellular dating services. But, to stay in business the free cell phone date offers are often short-term.

Video dating with Skype app

Skype uses your broadband connection to make free voice and video calls over the internet. Skype’s free downloadable software allows you to talk, instant message and make video calls to anyone else of Skype for free. You can also call phones and mobiles and send text messages at great rates.


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