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The online version provides a wider focus of teen-related issues, international interactivity, news and links. Keep checking back for updates. Teen OnLine is sponsored by Entertainment Magazine On-Line and Tucson Teen.

Tucson Teen newspaper was first published in Tucson, Arizona during the October 1981. Prior to that, it was published as Youth Awareness Press and Youth Alternatives Press since 1978 by Robert Zucker.


2012, Volume 17. © 1995-2012 Teen On-Line (ISSN: 1088-0984) was published under the titles of "Tucson Teen," (ISSN: 1044-954X), "Youth Awareness Press," and "Youth Alternatives" newspapers since 1978, through several Tucson, Arizona organizations, including the Tucson YWCA and Southwest Alternatives Institute, Inc. The Teen On-Line web site was launched in January 1995. Robert E. Zucker, publisher.

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