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Green Day's American Idiot in Dallas

Green Day's American IdiotBY: Lynn Marie

Green Day's American Idiot just rapped up it's run at the AT & T Performing Arts Center Winspear Opera House in Dallas, Texas.

Based on Green Day's groundbreaking Rock Opera of the same name, this daring musical tells the story of three lifelong friends, forced to choose between their dreams and the safety of suburbia, and features the smash hits "Boulevard of Broken Dreams," "Holiday" and "21 Guns."

There is an old Broadway saying about musicals, "If you walk out of the theater humming the tunes, it's probably because you walked into the theater humming the tunes."

That notion was originally inspired by classic broadway teams such as Rogers and Hammerstein, but it still applies to "American Idiot."

Audience members who are fans of the band and just want to hear the music are guaranteed to have a fabulous time. Unfortunately, those expecting something beyond pumped-up versions of their favorite Green Day punk songs will find the pickings slim. Whatever story exists the actors fail to convey. They do however establish a tune for the musical's 90 minute running time.

The plot is all about setting Green Day songs into a story, but they missed the mark telling the story and allowing the audience to relate to the "musical" (of course I use that term loosely), weather you are a Green Day fan or not.

Although "American Idiot" tries to be deep it has no depth. I eventually understood what was happening, but it took a while. I always give credit where credit is due and the actors are amazing. The show offers an explosion of energy from its very young and enthusiastic cast. Van Hughes (Johnny) and Joshua Kobak (St. Jimmy) were exceptional in their roles. Your heart does ache for the characters as they seem to want nothing more than a happy and fulfilled life.

Green Day's American IdiotThe "Idiot" characters are moody 20-somethings, but their behaviors and worldviews scream the teenage philosophy "No one understands me and I hate you!"

One friend heads off to the city and loses himself in a fit of druggy self-indulgence, finally congratulating himself for becoming even more of a loser than his parents originally thought of him. Another joins the military, only to be quickly maimed and bedridden. Lastly, the third is weighed down with a pregnant girlfriend, stays home and literally sinks into the divine while imagining the great times his buddies are having. 

There were some stunning props and visual effects. If "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" and "Know Your Enemy" are in constant rotation on your iPod, then "American Idiot" is for you. If you find yourself wondering who is that guy with the shaggy hairdo and all that eyeliner, save your money for the next revival of "Anything Goes."

Green Day's American Idiot was in presentation of the Lexus Broadway Series.

For more information on the Lexus Broadway 2012/2013 series please call 214.880.0202 or visit www.attpac.org/broadway 

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