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Cinemark movies is on the mark

By Kyler Kuehler

There are several movie theatres that are to be found here in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and none have been as great to go watch great films in is none other than Cinemark Theatres.

The Cinemark Theatres Corporate Office is located here in Dallas area in the city of Plano, which is one reason why you will find so many here in the state of Texas. I basically had never even heard of Cinemark Theatres due to where I come from there were none to be found or AMC Theatres, which is a theatre I worked at for more than a year.

After I was no longer an employee of AMC I could no longer see movie for free anymore, which was a terrible thing, but I now could check out the Cinemark Theatre everyone has told me so much about and that it is much better than AMC and this is what I experienced..

The first time I ever stepped foot in a Cinemark Theatre was in late 2011 due to the reason me working at AMC Theatres for more than a year. When I arrived the first thing to grab my attention is when I made my way to the box office to purchase my ticket and they gave me a welcoming greeting and had a cheaper price from what the AMC Theatre I worked at offered.

The next thing was to head to the concession stand to grab my drink and popcorn and as I did I noticed the prices of the concession stand were cheaper than AMC and that drew my attention even more to Cinemark and less to AMC. I ordered my concession items and was amazed to see how fast and friendly the employees were at giving me my items and ringing me up so I could move on to my movie.

I then made my way to the ticket-taker and he too gave me a welcome greeting as he tore my ticket and directed me to the auditorium that would play my movie. By having all areas of the theatre properly greet me and get me to my movie in a quick and easy time is a crucial part of making guest feel welcomed to where they will come back again to see more movies. Theatres must treat each guest like family so when they leave the theatre after their movie they will think their theatre and not just a movie theatre.

When I made my way into the auditorium and sat down I was surprised to see that the seats had great cushion and partly reclined.

What made the experience even better was that the movies were all digital and the picture and sound of the movie was crystal clear and much better than a regular film movie. To grab an audience a theatre must always offer great picture and sound with their films to make them more enjoyable and Cinemark does just that.

With this experience I have made Cinemark my new source of entertainment and have continued to be a regular guest ever since and that has been my source to write every movie review I have written and will write. With everyone I meet that has not been to a Cinemark theatre I tell them to go and they will have a movie experience like none before.

Due to all my returns to Cinemark I have not stepped foot in an AMC theatre ever since and probably never will with all the great service I receive at Cinemark than what AMC had to offer.

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