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Enjoy discount dining at great Asian, Casual, Fine Dining, Cafe, Italian, Pizza Dallas restaurants

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These restaurants are extending these special offers for a limited time to encourage new patrons to try their menus and return as regular customers.

Great for gifts. Personalized gift certificates available in many cases. Buy several and stock up at these prices!

Survey Determines Dallas is one of the Top 'Chill' Cities in America (6/21/06)

Discounted dining coupons available
in a dozen other US cities.

A Dallas dining tradition- Twin Peaks Frisco

Twin Peaks restaurants started in the Dallas area and have been around since 2005 with over twenty locations.

The first time I had ever heard of a Twin Peaks was when I first moved to Texas in 2009 and I heard about what it's atmosphere was like and I thought that it would be something to check out, but when I heard that they sold alcohol I was a little upset because I still was not of age to drink and so I waited until I was officially twenty-one to finally check out one of these sport bars, so I could finally have a taste of their twenty-nine degree beer. The coldest twenty ounce beer here in the south that forms ice crystals on top of the mug.

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