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A Dallas tradition-Twin Peaks Frisco

By Kyler Kuehler

When you cross the famous Hooters restaurant with a bit mountains and forest of the north you get a sports bar called Twin Peaks.

Twin Peaks restaurants started in the Dallas area and have been around since 2005 with over twenty locations. The first time I had ever heard of a Twin Peaks was when I first moved to Texas in 2009 and I heard about what it's atmosphere was like and I thought that it would be something to check out, but when I heard that they sold alcohol I was a little upset because I still was not of age to drink and so I waited until I was officially twenty-one to finally check out one of these sport bars, so I could finally have a taste of their twenty-nine degree beer. The coldest twenty ounce beer here in the south that forms ice crystals on top of the mug.

Once I was legal to drink I finally decided to go check this place out and the location I went to was the Frisco location. As soon as I walked in the door I was like, woe, as I saw each waitress wearing these lumber jack types of clothing, but showing plenty of skin to make a good impression. So we were off to a good start, but now I had to focus on how the service was and taste the food and finally get my hands on some twenty-nine degree beer.

The hostess was kind and generous and asked how my day was going and replied that it was going well and so that was a another good start to the experience as I was properly greeted. She then showed me to my table and gave me the menu and said that my Twin Peaks girl would be with me shortly.

As I waited I looked over the menu to see what the place had to offer and they had from sandwiches to hot dishes and salads and chili and appetizers along with some desert, if you need your sugar after lunch or dinner. With all the menu had to offer I would give it another greet aspect to the restaurant and of course I did not forget to see what great beer they had to offer. They offered some pretty good beer from Miller Lite to Samuel Adams  and Dirty Blonde and Naughty Brunette.

When my waitress arrived about two minutes later she kindly asked me how I was doing and I replied that I was okay and asked her how she was doing and she replied okay as well. She then asked me what she could get me for a drink and I replied that I would like some twenty-nine degree Miller Lite and she said okay and just checked my ID to be sure I was legal, which is good to show that they do their job when serving alcohol.

She then left to go grab my drink and as I waited I continued to look over the menu to see what I would like to try. In about a minute I had my mug of beer in front of me and then she kindly asked me if I need more time to decide what I want to eat and I told her that I would like to try the Man Sized Burger and she said that I will get right on that.

As I waited I looked all around the bar as I sat at my table and saw that everyone there seemed to be enjoying their evening and having some conversations with a few of the waitresses.

In about five minutes my food was now in front of me and waiting for me to stuff it all into my stomach. She said enjoy and I said thank you and she walked away.

I then dug into the burger and it had good taste to it and the fries had great seasoning to give them some spice of the south. With the beer and food both great that was another positive part to my experience and as I ate and drank my waitress came back to me and took a seat and asked how everything tasted and I told her that it was all good.

She then began to have a conversation with me and by doing this my experience was that more perfect because by interacting with guest you are making them feel welcomed and they will want to return for more great experiences. I know because I have worked several jobs and had to interact with people and make them want to return.

Once I was done with my food and drink I asked for my check and she was very quick about it and in no time I was finished and ready to head home and when I handed the money and tip to her she said, Thank you and have a great night."

As I left the hostess was there at the front waiting for more guest to arrive and told me bye and to have a great evening and to come back and see them again. Once again she was kind to me and left me feeling welcomed making me want to stay, but I had to leave so I could go home and rest.

With my first experience being great I have come back time and time again with friends  or on my own because the service was fast and friendly and the entire bar remind me a lot of my home state and the more something makes me feel at home.

I would recommend to everyone who has not been to a Twin Peaks yet that they should just go once to experience it and get a better understanding of what I have told them and if you enjoy it then you will continue to return just like I have and will always go as long as I can

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