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Observing fish behavior on a webcam

Aquariums Have Become Focal Point Of The Home; Now "Front And Center" In Stylish Residences

(NAPSI) Have you ever thought of decor as quality entertainment? Instead of adding another trinket to dust, why not breathe some life into a room by adding an aquarium full of colorful fish?

Today's stylish aquarium stands, cabinets and canopy sets make it easy to move aquariums from the basement to a focal point of the home.

Forget about the quirky-looking wrought iron and pine furniture aquarium stands of the past. Today's aquarium furniture incorporates both function and design to complement any taste from contemporary to traditional.

"Many baby boomers have fond memories of aquariums from their childhoods and so they want their new fish aquarium to be a beautiful enhancement to their primary living space, not hidden in the game room," explained Ken Goff, vice president for Central Aquatics.

The other part of the equation driving the resurgence in fish ownership among baby boomers is ease of maintenance. Let's face it -no matter how beautiful the aquarium is, busy families today don't have the time or inclination for heavy maintenance.

Tetra, for instance, has introduced an innovative way to clean the aquarium-the StayClean™ System-which utilizes a unique scraper plus wipes that delay algae regrowth for up to one month. EasyBalance® is another Tetra product that provides an invaluable safety net for the time-challenged hobbyist. It utilizes natural bacteria to keep water biologically healthy, eliminating the need for water changes for up to six months.

"Aquarium ownership has increased 31 percent between 1996 and 2006. We expect the growth to continue as people discover how easy it is to maintain aquariums and blend them aesthetically with their home decor," said Linda Staley, senior manager of consumer marketing for United Pet Group, which owns the Tetra brand.

According to industry surveys, nearly 14.2 million households in the United States currently own home aquariums. The No. 1 reason Americans own fish is for entertainment. Appearance and stress relief follow closely in second and third places, respectively. New technologies and beautiful furniture make it easier than ever to reap these rewards while putting aquariums front and center in the home.

The No. 1 reason Americans own fish is for entertainment.

Online Tropical Fish MPEG Videos

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Angel Fish laying eggs

Red Tail Shark Dance

Fish Jail


Exciting Chase Scenes!

Watching Bob's Fish Tank

Hosted by Robert Zucker
publisher, Entertainment Magazine

Watch freshwater tropical fish interact with other fish species and among themselves in Bob's aquarium. Observe strange fish mating and territorial behaviour.

The first set of videos are 5-6 days after the fish were introduced to each other on April 2, 2007. They were bought at a local PetSmart store including an aquarium starter kit, plenty of fish food, gravel and supplies.

The aquarium started with:

  • 4 angel fish
  • 2 gourami
  • 2 red tail sharks

The first two days, one of each of the angel fish died (oddly, they seemed to have been the strongest among the four. One, who has injured fins, still survives).

Community interaction began swiftly within a few hours. The gourami staked out their space and dominance. The slightly larger one relentless chases the less colorful, smaller one. A few time in fish jail mellowed him out, but the larger one still exerts his muscle fins.

The oddest behavior is from the red tailed sharks who are either prepping for battle, are flirting or are gay. Watch strange behavior between two red tail sharks who should be more territorial than erotic.

These fish videos were recorded with a Canon PowerShot S3 6.0 Mega Pixel and Kodak 6.5 MP camera using the video movie recording function. Video files were then compressed with Quicktime Pro.

Red Tail Shark Dance
Fish Jail

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