Animal Tracks of Arizona and New Mexico

This pocket-sized guide follows animal tracks of the Southwest, from Arizona and New Mexico.Written by Ian Sheldon, this guide will help identify tracks of all shapes and sizes.

Each page features various animals which drawn images of the animal and its tracks. Detailed measurements (and a ruler on the book cover) help identify print sizes. A description of the animals and references to similar species help the reader to better identify the imprints.

When you go out in the field, this handy little guide can be used to track more than 100 animals and birds. Charts of paw prints help to identify differences in sizes and dimensions.

Releases from Lone Pine Publishing, this guide is only $5.95 (ISBN 1-55105-145-1) and is filled with 160 pages of references. The book is available by calling 1-800-518-3541 (please mention you saw this at web site) or from local booksellers.


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