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Adventure Travel in Asia

By Jonathan Haeber

Asia is a premiere international adventure destination. You can explore the 120-mile network of tunnels of Cu Chi near Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Or, if you're looking for even more adventure, you can dive the wondrous underwater caverns at the Philippine Palawan islands.

If you're looking for a family adventure tour, Asia is at the crossroads of dozens of unique cultures.

Asia for the Adventurer

As part of the vast Pacific Ring of Fire, the Asian coastline is dotted with thousands of islands, many virtually unexplored. If you're the type of international traveler who tends to loathe the tourist traps, you can choose island destinations that don't even have names yet!

If you're into mountains, then you can conquer the top Asian mountain climbing destinations, including: Everest, K2, Annapurna, Manaslu, Lhotse, and others.

On the route, you'll visit quaint Tibetan villages and get to know the local sherpas (or mountain dwellers). These people have genetically developed 'iron' lungs, and are able to climb at 28,000 feet without oxygen tanks!

Asia Family Travel

If you're bringing the kids, they likely won't want to conquer Everest with you. No problem; there is plethora of other sites to check out on your family tour of Asia. South Asia may mean watching the sunrise at the Taj Mahal. If you prefer immersing yourself in the Far East, then you can step inside the "Forbidden City," where Chinese emperors ruled from 1368-1911. You can even stroll the rainforests of Thailand on the back of an elephant!

Choosing your adventure is the most difficult part.  Lucky for you, a number of tour groups do all the hard work of planning for you.  All you have to do is obtain a passport and take an international flight to your chosen country. Explore the links on this page to begin requesting information on your own international Asia adventure.


About the Author
Jonathan Haeber is a writer for a retail outlet in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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