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Travelocity's Last Minute Deals

The famous Travelocity last minute travel deals and promo codes are still available– they're just harder to find.

Travelocity has several Last Minute Deals that can be used close to the departure date at unadvertised discounted rates for travel booked the same day or for the weekend. These last minute deals can also be used for on-the-fly vacation packages.

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Travelocity's Last Minute Deals are an easy way for Travelocity to group unsold rooms, flights and rental offers that had expiration dates. When too many people wait until the very last minute to book, it leaves a large inventory available. That is good for the customer. But, Travelocity, the hotel, airline and car rental lose money.

Smart travelers have realized that last minute hotel prices are reduced as the booking date gets closer. However, airlines leverage last minute bookings as a premuim and tend to raise fares.

Travelocity Last Minute Promo Codes

These are the only Travelocity last minute promotional codes accepted this month. Book your trip now and travel later for the holidays. See more how to use Travelocity promotional codes.

When conducting a search for a room or flight, the few days before the date will show the lowest possible rate. Any rooms or seats not sold by then is lost revenue.

Since Travelocity can negotiate in bulk, those posted rates can often be lower than the hotel or airline web site rates.

Travelocity also has time limited offers that do not need promo codes for the discount. These affiliate links are posted for direct access to the advertised deal on Travelocity's web site.

Hotel Deals by lastminute.com is the first travel app to implement an innovative credit card scan tool that uses the iPhone's camera to capture and auto-fill the billing information fields to save on-the-go travelers the hassle of tapping in numbers on a small screen. Site59, a former discount travel site, is also discontinued.

The free app offers discounted rooms from both major chain hotels and independent properties that are designated three star and higher, and features Travelocity Top Secret Hotel deals, which offer consumers even lower rates by not naming the exact hotel until the booking is complete.

Travel Agreement with Expedia

Travelocity has entered into a strategic marketing agreement with Expedia, Inc. As a result, Expedia will power the technology for Travelocity-branded websites in the U.S. and Canada (Travelocity.com and Travelocity.ca), as well as provide media services, supply sourcing and customer service. This agreement is specific to Travelocity North America, and excludes Travelocity Partner Network and lastminute.com brands.

Travelocity announces new, free concierge service

Anyone who books a vacation package (hotel and flight in one bundle) will receive a special phone number for free concierge service.

During, and up to two days after the trip, travelers can call this phone number to get restaurant referrals and reservations, golf tee time referrals, tickets to entertainment and sport events, area festival and event information, driving directions, shuttle services, translations and lost items help, among other complimentary services. More Travelocity affiliate deals:

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