The bully in the tank gets his just desserts

What should have been a good relationship turned sour immediately when the slightly larger gourami decided to terrorize the slightly smaller, less colorful gourmai.

SInce they were introduced, the larger gourami relentlessly chases the smaller one. Occassionally, they can be seen peacefully side by side until the larger one suddenly starts an aggressive search.

Watch several rare videos of Gourami tropical fish interactions.

red tailed shark tropical fish

Gourami tropical fish (in the background, my perching spot to watch the fish).

Videos by Robert Zucker.
© 2007 Copyright.

The larger gourami is very aware of humans watching the aquarium. He'll swim right up to their face and stare. Then, he'll strut his stuff and chase the smaller gourami around a few times.

This aggressive behavior has upset the other community fish members. The angel fish appear visibly upset when the two gourami go racing by.

In an attempt to quell the over zealous gourami, human intervention might have calmed him down. Fish Jail was established and the social violator was separated by a net from the others. Surprising results came from the reactions of the other fish who then humilated the "caged" prisoner.

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