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The Tucson Book Shelf presents local Tucson authors who have released books available on the shelves and online. These books can be purchased in Tucson bookstores and Amazon.com. See all available Tucson local books.

Local Tucson bookstores that carry books published through BZB Publishing include: Antigone Books, Mostly Books, and Nexus Occult Books.

The Entertainment Book company no longer has a Tucson, Arizona office or publishes a print edition. The new Tucson entertainment book is now available as an app through the official Entertainment web site.

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Entertaining Tucson by Robert E. Zucker"Entertaining Tucson"

Fifty years of Tucson entertainment, interviews, photographs and articles about thousands of entertainers and hundreds of bands in Tucson, Arizona between the 1950s into the 2000s. Three volume set. Read chapters and download free PDFsample.

Treasures of the Catalinas, Robert Zucker"Treasures of the Santa Catalina Mountains"

By Ropbert E. Zucker and William "Flint" Carter." Legends of lost mines, lost cities and a lost mission in the Santa Catalina Mountains, North of Tucson, Arizona, have been passed down by word of mouth for generations. Carter passed away in 2018.

Searching for Arizona's Buried Treasures Ron Quinn"Searching for Arizona's Buried Treasures"

Two Year Odyssey -
Found 82 lbs. of Gold!

By Mr. Ron Quinn. Treasure hunting in Southern Arizona with Ron Quinn, brother Chuck, and good friends and partners, Roy Purdie and Walt Fisher is a fun read and a great book for novice or seasoned treasure hunters. The four friends finally unearthed a medium-size treasure south of Tucson, Arizona, which consisted of 82 pounds of Spanish gold bullion. Other trips were made throughout the years, but none as lengthy as his first two year odyssey. Ron passed away in August 2016.

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