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Downtown Tucson Snowy Winter

Tucson Downtown Chad Might

Photography by Chad E. Might

Downtown Tucson looks spectacular at night, especially during the winter snow season! Views of downtown from A Mountain are a must see for vacationers and locals.

When driving up A Mountain, use caution for pedestrians and bring a jacket if coming at night. If you are lucky, you will not only see the glowing city, but also catch a glimpse of snow on the Catalinas.

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Tucson Downtown Chad Might

Tucson Downtown Chad Might

Tucson Downtown Chad Might

Tucson Downtown Chad Might

Chad Might: "I shot my first images on an old Sears 110 camera on a family vacation back in 1978 at the age of 4. Literally, ever since that first click of the camera, I was hooked. I continued my photography journey through my adolescent years and received a B.F.A. in Photography and an Associates Degree in Commercial Photography through the University of Akron, in Akron, Ohio. I have been published in newspapers and magazines throughout the southwest and have published a book. I feel blessed to do what I love & I plan to be a photographer the rest of my life!"

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Tucson Downtown

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