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Tucson celebrates it's 236th birthday on August 20, 2011

Tucson events recognize heritage

There is still something for everyone in August during Tucson's month-long birthday celebration/

There will be Territorial-era games and toys for kids, Chicano culture for scholars, and everything you wanted to know about the movie “Arizona” are on tap, along with an updated and refreshed version of the original citywide celebration in Tucson.

To recognize the 236th birthday of Tucson, Arizona's official founding, several eventa will be held throughout Tucson.

Tucson Birthday Events throughout August

The monthlong celebration of Tucson's founding recognizes the five flags that have flown over the city of Tucson since its founding in 1775. Humans have been continuously living in Tucson for possibly 15,000 years.

The Tucson as we know it begin 236 years ago. The Royal Spanish Presidio of San Augustin del was established on August 20, 1775. Each year, Los Decendientes del Presidio de Tucson, Los Cascarones and other local organizations host events to celebrate Tucson's official birthdate.

Tucson’s month-long birthday celebration was created in 2006 by Cele Peterson. The month long series of events celebrate the contributions of many cultures and interests, as well as the environmental features and institutions that have made Tucson, Arizona such a unique community.

From St. Philips Plaza to San Xavier Mission, from toddlers to teenagers to young professionals, and from the best salsa to the best-dressed fairies to the most interesting historical ways to beat the heat, Tucson's Birthday has something for everyone this weekend—even comedy improv interpretations of Tucson history trivia.

The best source of the most up-to-date information, including contact details, on all the activities for Tucson's Birthday is always www.tucsonsbirthday.org.

Tucsonans who love their town and want to spread the word about its month-long August birthday celebration are invited to attend an orientation from 10 a.m. to noon,  Saturday, July 23 for Tucson's Birthday Ambassadors. The meeting, to be held at the Martha Cooper Branch Library, 1377 North Catalina Ave. Read more about becoming a Tucson Birthday Ambassador.

The old military plaza in Tucson in the eary 1900's.

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Read about Early Tucson History

A Tucson street scene in the eary 1900's.

Free historic reprints, downloads and old photos of Tucson

"Old Tucson; a hop, skip and jump history from 1539 Indian settlement to new and greater Tucson" by Estelle M. Buehman describes early Tucson history. She shares her accounts of the Old Pueblo when it was still a small town in the early 1911. Her book covewrs the history, dates and names of people who helped shape the emergence of Tucson. Read about the early pioneers, the establishment of schools, newspapers, churches, business and the lives of local Tucsonans in the 1800's in Buehman's "Old Tucson."

"Tucson, Arizona" by Rochester Ford Issued by the Tucson, Arizona Chamber of Commerce and reprinted from "OUT WEST MAGAZINE" for September, 1902. Tucson lays claim to being one of the oldest settlements in the United States, ranking as to age next after San Augustine, Florida, and Santa Fe, New Mexico. Its history can be traced back to 1649, when a military station was established by the Spaniards to protect the Mission of San Xavier.

Historical dates leading up to Tucson's establishment

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Arizona's Gold Rush

The Santa Catalina mountains has been experiencing a gold rush for hundreds of years.

Just below Mt. Lemmon lies one of the great stories of the search for gold in the mountains- the lost city and the lost Iron Door mine.

Explore the historical records that account for that thousands of pounds of gold and gold in quartz that has been extracted from the Catalina mountains. Read about Arizona's Gold Rush.

Tucson East Congress

Photo of East Congress Street in Tucson in 1874.

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Southwestern Ores and Jewelry from Mt. Lemmon

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From the origin of the "mine with the Iron Door" legend? Find out more!