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Visiting Mount Lemmon & Summerhaven

Mt. Lemmon road

Enjoy the day on Mt. Lemmon at the top of the Santa Catalina Mountains, north of Tucson, Arizona.

The main highway to Mt. Lemmon leads to Ski Valley and the village of Summerhaven.

Weather conditions can change quickly. When it is raining in the Tucson basin, there is a good chance that the Santa Catalina Mountains are getting soaked. Check today's Mt. Lemmon weather and road conditions.

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Santa Catalina Mountains

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Biking Mt. Lemmon

The Bike Mt. Lemmon website provides information and maps on Mountain Bike Trails, group rides, and tips on how to safely bike Mt. Lemmon. Bike up the mountain through 5 eco-zones, 26 miles, and 8,000 feet.

Free Interactive Bike Maps of Tucson and the Santa Catalina Mountains, courtesy of the Arizona Bicycle Association and Friends of The Oro Valley/Tucson Loop.

Tucson Bike RentalsTucson Bike Rentals, Arizona leading bike rental and tours company, offers rental e-bikes, road, mountain, gravel, tandem, kids, and long term bike rentals. Provides rental for the Tucson Loop and for Mount Lemmon. Daily and weekly bike rentals. Book online and choose from a variety of bicycles. Call 520-260-8293.

The Santa Catalina Mountains

Legends & History of the Catalinas

The Lost City & Mission of the Catalinas

Tucson Gold Rush of the 1880s

Books about Mt. Lemmon and the Santa Catalina Mountains

Mt. LemmonMt. Lemmon"Treasures of the Santa Catalina Mountains" Unraveling the Legends and the History, by Robert E. Zucker (author); covers the legends of lost mines, lost cities and a lost mission in the Santa Catalina Mountains that have been passed down by word of mouth for generations. The most famous legend, the Iron Door Mine, helped launch the early American hunt for gold in the 1850s and attracted Buffalo Bill Cody to invest in mining near Oracle. Download a free PDF sample and read more about the legends and history behind them.

"Look to the Mountains" An in-depth look into the lives and Times of the People Who Shaped the History of the Catalina Mountains, by Suzanne Henset (author).

Mt. LemmonMt. LemmonFrom Amazon.com: "Squeezing the Lemmon II... More Juice Than Ever: A Rock Climber's Guide to the Mt. Lemmon Highway, Tucson, Arizona"Mt. Lemmon Eric Fazio-Rhicard, Author. Climb Mt. Lemmon with one of the more popular hiking books about the Catalina Mountains. Includes maps, photos, route topos and descriptions, and general area information most climbers find handy. 324 pages.

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