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Mount Lemmon & Summerhaven road now open after Bighorn Fire

The Catalina Highway to Mount Lemmon and Summerhaven, is now open to the public after repairs from the Bullhorn Fire. The park remains closed until at least November 1.

Mt. Lemmon road While the main road to the top of Mount Lemmon, Ski Valley and Summerhaven village is open, the hiking trails and campgrounds remain closed.

The closed areas of the Santa Catalina Mountains and Coronado National Forest include the General Hitchcock, Gordon Hirabayashi, Rose Canyon and Spencer Canyon campgrounds.

Sabino Canyon Recreation Area, Sabino Canyon Trail #23, and the Control Road #38 Scenic Drive remain closed, at least, until November 1st.

Flash flooding at the base of the Catalinas, including Oracle, Oro Valley and the Catalina Foothills may experience "life threatening" flooding, according to the US Weather Service.

The recent Bullhorn Fire burned nearly 120,000 acres.

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Road closures when weather is bad

Weather conditions can change quickly. When it is raining in the Tucson basin, there is a good chance that the Catalina Mountains are getting soaked. Check today's Mt. Lemmon weather and road conditions.

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