Watch video clips and virtual reality scenes of Mount Lemmon and Summerhaven.

VR image of Summerhaven

Photo that the VR scene was extracted:

Summerhaven revitalization

VR city view of Tucson

Looking south from the Catalina Highway towards the Tucson valley. Original photo:

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Mt. Lemmon Virtual Reality Scenes and Video Clips

Spin the VR images around in circles to see a virtual reality panorama scene of Summerhaven village, Mt. Lemmon and the Catalina Mountains.

These VR images were produced from still camera shots using the now discontinued Quicktime VR Authoring Studio. Click on the image for more controls to zoom in and out of the picture and to rotate the image to the left and right.

Find more images, VR scenes and video clips of Mt. Lemmon and Summerhaven:
Summerhaven renewal
Take a Tour up the Mountain

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"Nixon-head rock" VR Scene

Virtual Reality panorama of "Nixon Head Rock" also known as "Duck Head Rock" on the Catalina Highway just north of Windy Point where elaborate rock formations are carved from the winds. Original photo of the rock formation:

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Up Mt. Lemmon Drive Up Mt. Lemmon- over a dozen photos, video clip movie, views of new growth, Summerhaven progress

Summerhaven renewal. See Summerhaven revival

Fire on the Mountain. Watch a video clip from TEP looking at the Catalina Mountains during the 2003 fire.

Summerhaven Shopping, Dining, Entertainment & Culture

Take a Tour: Photo tour up the mountain to the Mt. Lemmon Ski Valley. See more pictures of NixonHead Rock.

Connect Online: Mt. Lemmon Internet Links; hiking, camping, Forest Service, etc.

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Frog Mountain Blues

A story of Frog Mountain (Paperback)

by Charles Bowden,
Jack W. Dykinga (Photographer)

Squeezing the Lemmon II ... more juice than ever:
A rock climber's guide to the Mt. Lemmon Highway,
Tucson, Arizona

by Eric Fazio-Rhicard (Author)
published 2000, 324 pages.

Tucson Hiking Guide

Author: Betty Leavengood

Climbers guide to Sabino Canyon and Mount Lemmon Highway Tucson, Arizona

by John Steiger

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