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2024 Wild Wild West Steampunk Convention

Photos of the 2024 WWWSC by James Barnett.

2024 WWW Steampunk

Our good friend Captain Sparrow showed up yet again! We had a rowdy reunion!

Reflections on 2024 WWWSC

By James Barnett

This convention has a huge heart. We werenít just invited to a con but were accepted into a large family.
Deena and Jason Drotman are terrific people and are fun to hang out with. Their assistant Mike Meyers helps keep everything running smoothly.

Old Tucson was great fun but Casino del Sol is beautiful and easier to get around.

The dealers room is much better than before,
instead of a big tent like at Old Tucson 
And not likely to blow away in the wind as nearly happened!

The crowd is mostly older. Like myself, many people have mobility problems and the staff is very accommodating. This was an issue with Old Tucson. While fun and beautiful itís hard for some of us to get around easily. Casino del Sol is very ADA compliant!

2024 WWWSC

A lovely lady

By Isa

Steampunk con is an incredible, inclusive and accessible way for individuals that otherwise would unable to enjoy a traditional comic con or incredibly high volume environment can spend time and nerd out!

The best part about the con is definitely the people! Everyone is so committed to their craft, and the creativity exhibited by everyone is incredible. The owners and personnel that make the con run successfully are friendly and easy going, demonstrating the familial feeling between them all and their dedication to this event.

2024 WWWSC

Our warrior princess.

2024 Barnett

2024 Barnett EMOL

2024 EMOL

For more information on the Steampunk events visit the WWW Steampunk Convention web site.

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