Star Trek Fans Aren't Taking
Cancellation Lying Down

(PRWEB) February 4, 2005

According to MJ Rogers, founder of The Enterprise Project (, fans of Paramount's "Star Trek: Enterprise" have not given up the fight to save the show despite the announcements of the series' cancellation after its fourth season.

"The fans are angry, and they're willing to fight for the show," she explained.

Fan actions planned include a newspaper advertisement (information at, actions on February 10, 2005 at Paramount and UPN, the network broadcasting "Enterprise," which issued the cancellation notice, and a planned action in New York later in the month. Additionally, Enterprise Project fans are circulating a cyberpetition to be presented to Paramount, UPN, and their parent corporation, Viacom. 

Announcements and actions are also planned at upcoming science fiction conventions around the country, by both Enterprise Project and fellow fan organization Save Enterprise.

"UPN's Friday night ratings have been up substantially this season thanks to 'Enterprise,' Rogers indicated.

"They're no longer consistently at the bottom of the ratings, they've primarily been in fourth place, which is as high as can reasonably be expected against NBC, CBS and ABC.  And the cancellation announcement came in before the February sweeps month episodes aired – which may have a negative effect on the show's ratings on its own.  People often avoid shows with death sentences already hanging over them.  It makes little sense for UPN to make the cancellation announcement this early when February ratings are crucial for ad revenues. 

"UPN and Paramount can expect to be hearing from the fans – many of whom would like to see the show go into first run syndication now that the prior seasons are being syndicated.  Cable is also a great option for science fiction television these days.  But fans won't take this cancellation lying down."

Science fiction fans wishing to support the series are urged to write to Paramount, and those wishing to sign the Paramount, UPN and Viacom petitions are encouraged to send their names and addresses to [email protected] for addition to the petitions.

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