Kabbalah: Twilight of Consciousness

The Dweller on the Threshold

"Twilight of Consciousness," by publisher and author Robert E. Zucker, examines the dream state and how to achieve astral projection using simple, easy to follow, techniques. Purchase: on Amazon.comTwilight of Consciousness

Twilight of ConsciousnessWaking, resting, sleeping and dreaming are separate– but, overlapping– states of consciousness. When you are able to maintain awareness during the “in-between” phases of waking and sleeping, dream imagery takes on a surrealistic quality.

However, since most people cannot remember their dreams, this lack of recall deprives them of experiencing the other side of their lives.The brief period between falling asleep and waking up has received a lot of attention among sleep researchers and psychologists. It is during these elusive moments that your brain and body goes through some unique transitions as you pass the “Dweller on the Threshold.”

In this transitional phase between being awake and asleep, the body becomes receptive to internal imagery– vritti– that seems to spontaneously appear out of nowhere. Psychologists, therapists and hypnotists utilize successful techniques to relax the physical body so that the mind can concentrate on these images while the body drifts into sleep.

While you are physically asleep, your mind can be partially awake enough to be fleetingly aware of the flow of images that dart past your eyes. By intently observing this elusive imagery, you can bridge your awareness and penetrate deep into the dream state.

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