Kabbalah: Twilight of Consciousness

Enter the Astral World As Sleeep Engulfs

"Twilight of Consciousness," by publisher and author Robert E. Zucker examines the dream state and how to achieve astral projection using simple, easy to follow, techniques.

Twilight of ConsciousnessThe entrance phase into sleep, the hypnagogic period, is the easiest option to consciously penetrate the dream state and invoke an Astral Projection experience. The trick is not to fall asleep in the process.

Try to maintain alertness without letting your body go to sleep. It is like being both awake and asleep at the same time, similar to a meditative or hypnotic trace.

If you are able to keep yourself mentally awake without going into unconsciousness, the symbols you project in front of you will soon take on an extraordinary quality.

It may take many, many times, but don’t give up. For a while, you may only fall asleep instead of being able to step inside of your dreams.

Practicing meditation or simple relaxation exercises before you go to bed for the evening can open your mind to the hypnagogic state and allow you to enter into the Astral World with ease.

A relaxation method developed by Dr. Jacob Jacobson in the 1920s, called Jacobson’s Relaxation Technique, involves progressive muscular relaxation to induce hypnagogic imagery. Tensing and releasing the muscles can help induce relaxation and enable you to become more aware of your body and its sensations.

This exercise is used by professionals to relieve anxiety and improve sleep. The subject focuses on tightening and then relaxing specific muscle groups in sequence– from the top of the head to the neck, the shoulders, down the arms to the hands, the chest and stomach, legs and feet. The procedure is most effective as you tighten one muscle group and keep the others relaxed.

Practicing meditation or simple relaxation will open your mind to the hypnagogic state and allow you to enter into the Astral World.

"Twilight of Consciousness"
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