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How to stream free videos on your TV or mobile

Streaming tv shows and moves online to watch over a TV, a computer or a mobile device is the the next generation of entertainment delivery. Cable and satellite will soon have stiff competition as Apple, Google and others are launching new Internet TV hardware and apps.

If you have an internet connection- either through your WiFi, phone or a cable source, you can stream television shows and movies to your devices. Netflix has become a leader in providing unlimited streaming video, both movies and television shows, directly to TV sets and computers. HBO is in talks with Netflix to stream its programming.

Using apps to watch TV on mobiles

The migration from the big TV screen to the handheld to watch television shows and movies has shifted dramatically over the past year.

Streaming Google TV from Sony

The new Sony Internet Connectable / Wi-Fi Built-In Blu-ray Disc Player comes with Google TV built in.

Sony Internet Connectable / Wi-Fi Built-In Blu-ray Disc Player with Google TVWith Google TV, surf the Internet on your TV screen just like on a computer. Check e-mail, update Facebook, check news, watch videos and more.

The built-in wireless connectivity lets you access movies, photos, music and more online. With picture-in-picture, you can surf the Web while watching TV or movies. Read more about from Sony Internet Google TV from BestBuy.com.

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Onine Streaming Video Services

Online Streaming Video Serivce Descrption and Partners Rental cost per title Offer for new subscribers
Amazon Video on Demand

Instantly watch and download HD movies and TV shows on your TiVo DVR. Mac or PC. Panasonic, Roku, Samsung, Sony, TiVo $2-$4 (SD), $4-$5 (HD)

Video on Demand

Amazon offers video on demand; Watch and download top movie and TV releases streaming video on your PC.

Watch Free TV

The movies in our catalog are in several video formats. When you select a movie title and play speed, the movie should start playing on most devices.

There may be a short hesitation before the movie starts playing as the file builds a buffer to store the streaming video files.

Streaming videos are easy to play on most portable video players and computers (both PC and Mac).

Watch videos through your Internet connection on your device and download many titles to your PC for free.

Streaming online videos are in MPEG formats so they can be easily viewed with your own computer's software.

Download the videos to transfer to other devices, edited or used with other software. Read Free Movie FAQ.

Select as many free movies and video as you want in our A-Z Free Movies Index.

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