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iPhone International calling- using your iPhone outside the U.S.

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When you travel around the world with your iPhone, AT&T provides a full network in almost every country you visit.

Outside of the U.S., international data (web/email) and cellular (phone calls) use is more costly. And, unexpected charges can be added if you are not prepared.

The standard AT&T plan in the U.S. does not cover data and phone usage outside of the country. This probably applies also if you live outside of the U.S. and you have a cell phone plan for your iPhone through a different carrier. Check your Terms and Usage Agreement for coverage before you travel.

Whether your are traveling to the UK, throughout Europe, Asia, Mexico, Japan or anywhere, here is some advice on iPhone international use.

iPhone International Use Tips

Avoid unexpected iPhone international roaming charges

Find out what to shut off for iPhone international use. How to prevent iPhone charges. Make sure you are not charged by AT&T when you get a phone call while on the road and do not want to accept it, or accidently activate automatic email checking, voice mail or other wireless actions, such as stock or weather reports, YouTube or GoogleMaps. Continue reading about avoiding international roaming and other charges.

iPhone Travel international tips

Since international roaming charges can get very expensive quickly, AT&T advises customers to take several steps with their iPhone before making any calls. Read more about iPhone Travel tips and information on AT&T's iPhone International Calling and Data Plans.

Use Airplane Mode to turn iPhone into iPod

To make sure your iPhone is not charged by AT&T when you get a phone call, Voice Mail or email while outside of the country, switch ON the Airplane Mode. Find out how to prevent accidental unwanted data and phone charges and still enjoy your iPhone while on an airplane.

AT&T's iPhone International Calling and Data Plans

iPhone wireless an data plans are provided through AT&T, the sole cell phone provider for Apple's iPhone and iPhone 3G. The AT&T web site provides detail information and rates on how to limit and reduce roaming fees. Fees may be charged based on the country you are calling to and calling from.

Any voice or data usage outside the domestic coverage area triggers an International Roaming charge, according AT&T. International data usage is not covered under existing US. data plans. Call AT&T Wireless for personal assistance at 1-800-331-0900. Have your cell phone number ready. The iPhone calling charges vary by country. Before travelling, check rates and search online for wireless hot spots that will save cellular charges.

Find more AT&T iPhone Travel Tips

Using Apple's Airplane Mode


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