Cacti make great gifts- they live longer than flowers and plants. Some even flower! It's easy to take care of a cactus plant.

These succulents do not require much water and many of them can make a nice indoor or outdoor cactus garden. A large flower plot, cactus soil, a few large rocks and a variety of cactus plants, you can create an attractive garden.

They are also nice gifts and easy to put together on your own! We created several in our offices inside and outside the building.

Now, you can purchase cacti and cactus-related items, gourmet cactus food and beverages, health care products, books and videos/DVDs online through Entertainment Magazine and

Take a Tour of the Arizona desert and see pictures of prickley pear cactus, saguaro cactus and other cacti taken around Southern Arizona- the home of the giant Saguaro (pronounced saw-raw-roh). Follow the hundreds of links throughout our site to learn more about the Southwest US.

Entertainment Magazine has been publishing since 1977 and now joins with and other affilites to offer its worldwide readers products from North America. We can now offer cactus for sale, juices, extracts and book at discount prices. For the holidays, you can find great gifts from delivered around the globe.

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