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The Dog Days of Summer Are Here!

For most Americans, August inevitably promises the dog days of summer. You know, the kind of day when it's so hot your sweat has sweat. The kind of day when you get out of the shower and go right from wet to sweat.

Well, misery loves company, so if you don't want to suffer alone, invite some pals over for a Dog Day Afternoon party, and for goodness sake, stay cool with these great product ideas from eBay! BBQs, picnic gear, music and more will keep the party going all night long!

StubHub: Gear Up For A Great Season!

Beckham, Bonds, ARod…those names mean premium prices for sports tickets! August means Major League Baseball is fast approaching the playoff race! And you want HOT…this summer Justin Timberlake, Kenny Chesney, and The Police are lighting up the summer concert series!  With so much to look forward to StubHub.com is where fans buy and sell.

Grill Masters Be Warned! 

Products geared toward the backyard BBQ enthusiast- such as grills, cooking utensils, aprons and more are sure to entice those looking to aid in their cause!   Adding to the outdoor theme, you can also post links to items such as patio sets, lawn chairs, stereo speakers and more…finishing out the hot summer nights with a bang!

National Family Meal Month

The hottest month of the year and the last of the summer, August is also National Family Meal Month - a perfect time to take advantage of relaxed schedules and vacation days to hit the kitchen for some intense quality time and tasty meals before another school year sets in.  It may be a little known designation, but for lack of official, calendar holidays this off-beat August cause could easily garner attention from traditional media outlets and bring it top-of-mind with consumers.  Be sure to leverage this coverage by promoting all things close to the kitchen and the family. Think recipe books and cards, cookbooks for the college bound, essential cookware, after dinner family games, etc. Remember not all families are small and there’s no better occasion for bringing far away family close than a home cooked meal (or a whole month of them!) Don’t forget there’ll be all the scrap booking tools needed to capture that family quality time!

Hit the Back to School Crowd as Summer Vacation Ends

As the kids go back to school, this is the perfect time to promote backpacks, shoes, and clothing.  Not to mention that this is also the best time to showcase textbooks for the older students.  Typically about 80% of all textbooks sold are sold within the first 3 months of school starting. 

Summer Ain’t Over Yet!

Summer is almost over, so make the most of it! Before the kids go back to school and the days start turning cold again, get out there and enjoy the summer sun and let eBay help!


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