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The average Halloween costume costs about $28.11, according to a survey by the Nation Retail Federation. In 2003, 44% of consumers planned to buy a Halloween costume, according to the survey.

That makes Halloween a $3 billion business- the sixth largest spending holiday.

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The five top costumes for Halloween (according to the NRF survey):

1. Spider-Man Halloween Costume: 2.1 million children

2. Princess Halloween Costume: 1.8 milliom children

3. Witch: 1.2 million (adult witch Halloween costume) (child witch Halloween costume)

4. Vampire: 899,139 (child vampire Halloween costume) (adult vampire Halloween costume)

5. Monster: 820,953 (child monster Halloween costume) (adult monster Halloween costume)

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Accidently spelt Holloween or Haloween or Halloween? We have costumes for you, too.

Child Halloween Costumes

Winner's Circle Dale Earnhardt, Jr. Halloween Costume Winner's Circle
Price $17.99
Children's Unisex Size: 2-4 or 6-8

Honor your favorite driver this Halloween by dressing up in this Dale Earnhardt Jr. Halloween costume from Winner's Circle. This officially licensed costume is made of durable, breathable polyester for long lasting comfort. The costume is decorated in the team colors and proudly displays the driver and team graphics at the chest and back, along with the driver's name shown vertically down the left leg.

More Baby Child Infant
Halloween Costumes

Boys Spider-Man and other Super Hero Halloween Costumes


Comic Spider Man Halloween Costume

Batman - 3-D Muscle Chest Costume Kit

Child Halloween Costumes

Yu-Gi-Oh! Child Costume (Medium)

Harry Potter - Gryffindor Robe
Child Costume: Medium (Size 8-10): $24.99

Glow Sticks
by the hundreds or thousands less than 10 cents a piece

Fiber Optic
Pumpkin Candy Bowl

Face lights up with fiber optic technology
Use as a candy bowl on Halloween night

Gummy Oogles Eyeballs

A squishy marshmallow eyeball with a yummy gummy iris, pupil, and cornea!

Texture feels like a real eyeball swirling around in your mouth.

Unit Price : $0.90/eyeball.

Tub contains 40 Gummy Oogles Eyeballs in an assortment of 6 creepy designs:

Frog Eye, Monster Eye, Black Eye, Magic Eye, Bulls Eye, and Fish Eye

Halloween Costumes featuring:

The Hulk

The Hulk: Child Halloween Costume

Hulk Deluxe Child Halloween Costume

Marvel Hulk Infant
Halloween Costum

The Hulk Movie -

Mask with Voice Changer


The Hulk: Hulk Hands
with Electronic Sounds

Hulk Adult Mask

"Hulk The Movie" Production Notes and more Hulk promotional items

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