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Top Teen Halloween Costumes for 2011

This Teen Halloween is Goth vs. Super Star

Teens, from ages 13-18, still dress down when dressing up for Halloween. This multi-billion dollar business has carved a niche for the teen costume and party idea market..

Teen Halloween costumes are one of the fastest growing areas of costume sales, even though the market is still small. This 2011 Halloween season, despite the economy conditions, is expected to be even stronger.

Teenagers who buy their own costumes online, using their own money, tend to have extra "side" money for costume purchases. They tend to buy or create more elaborate costumes than their younger siblings.

In the past teenagers have been largely ignored as a viable market. So costumes for teens tend to be either too childish or too adult.

It is still hard to find a decent selection of costumes just for youth between ages thirteen and up. Teens are "in-be-tween" the pre-teen and adult costume markets.

Many teenagers tend to make their own costumes rather than spend on a fully made costume. But, with less available time to create a costume, this market is opting for the simple to elaborate theme costume.

The top Halloween teen costume predictions for 2011

This year, BuyCostumes.com one of the nation's top costume retailers, predicts that the most popular teen Halloween costumes will be Miss Dorothy (from Wizard of Oz) and Raven party kits.

Goth to rule- super stars to battle it out

Gothic costumes will continue to be a chioce among teenagers. Maiden of Darkness teen costumes are also expected to be among the best selling.

Star Wars, The Clone Wars costumes will be seen on many teens, and even adults, who have made Star Wars costumes a best seller for many years. This year's film release of Indiana Jones Kingdom of the Crystal Skull also sparks a revival in Ford Harrison costumes and masks.

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Captain America Deluxe Muscle Teen Costume

Captain America is the patriotic and ultra-heroic comic hero. A simple but super-heroic costume, the Captain America Tween Costume Kit includes a t-shirt with a printed Captain America uniform, belt, and muscles and a blue Captain America mask with eye slits and a printed white “A”. The costume comes in one size 14-16. See more from BuyCostumes Captain America Tween costume.

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