Entertainment Magazine: Jewish Holidays: Kosher

Truly certified Kosher foods, gifts and baskets

Celebrating a Jewish holiday with Kosher products make the event more meaningful.

A Kosher product is certified as being actually "Kosher" (kashrut). This certification assures that the products are prepared truly under approved Kosher supervision.

Kosher foods are those items that conform to the regulations of the Jewish Halakhic. There are specific rules about how animals are slaughtered, cleaned, which parts of an animal are acceptable to eat, and mixing certain animals with dairy products, among many other strict observances.

The word "kosher" also has an English slang meaning- "to be legitimate, fair, genuine."

Kosher rules also detail how vegetables, processed foods and seafoods are prepared and eaten.

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The following pages and links provide a selection of the most popular Kosher products that can be purchased on the Internet.

Kosher Products on the Internet