The history of the piñata is rooted in many cultures.

The piñata is know for its use in many traditional celebratrions in Mexico.

The Spanish Conquistadors are credited for bringing the piñata to Mexico, and they in return obtain the Piñata from the Italians.

It is thought that Marco Polo introduced the piñata to the Italians after discovering it in the orient.

The Chinesse are know for making object in shapes of cows, bull, and other animal covered with different colored paper.

Mexican piñatas were introduced into the US over a hundred years ago. New Mexico and Arizona homemade piñatas, have been popular for decades.

Party Piñatas

Towards the end of a celebration, the birthday party piñata is hoisted and hung by a rope over a tree limb.

The children gather around the birthday boy or girl who is blindfolded and handed a stick (or a bat in the USA). In front of the blindfolded birthday person would dangle the colorfully painted paper mache animal piñata.

The blindfolded person swings in the air, flailing away until the piñata is struck. Not once, but as many times as it takes to break it apart and spill out the prize- handfuls of candy or sweets.

As soon as the piñata rips open, all the children (and often adults), runs towards the center grabbing as much candy as they can.

The birthday boy or girl is the last to realize the piñata is broken open. By the time the blindfold is off, all the candy is gone. But, not all is lost. The birthday child gets to keep all of the gifts.

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