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Conducting a motor oil test

Online engine oil testing and analysis provides fast, reliable results in less time than normal mail and is much less costly in the long run than purchasing expensive motor oil test result equipment.

Dielectric oil tests can be expensive. But, we are discussing with a company that can offer quick regular and synthetic motor oil test results by email.

An independent motor oil test is a cost effective way to have results delivered.

A comparison motor oil test should also be conducted to help validate and further analyze the oil tests. This should also be an independent oil test from the first test.

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From Amazon.com, the MotorAnalyzer represents a breakthrough in oil analysis to help determine the condition of an engine.

The same way a doctor needs only a drop of blood to check your health, MotorAnalyzer needs only a single drop of motor oil to display a wide variety of oil and possible engine conditions, without special tools or training MotorAnalyzer works with a single drop of oil.

Simply place a drop of warm oil on the test sheet and watch it work! As the MotorAnalyzer test sheet absorbs the oil a series of circles form a clear visual pattern.

  • One Drop- On the Spot Oil Analysis
  • No tools or training required
  • Test the status of your motor oil immediately
  • Determine if an oil change is necessary or not
  • Great to use when shopping for a used car

Compare the oil testing graphic display with the Test Results Guide to determine the amount of soot in the oil; the status of the oil (whether of not an oil change is required); water in the oil and fuel in the oil. MotorAnalyzer provides a safe and reliable reading on the status of your motor oil, indicating potential problems with your engine.

This easy to use test is ideal for consumers shopping for used vehicles, auction buyers seeking on-the-spot information, and those simply wanting to maintain their vehicles in sound running condition.

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