Pet Costumes
for Dogs and Cats

Jay Leno would cringe if he knew you were looking at this!

Dressing up your puppy or kitty ibn a costume can be fun, cute, and also a concern- to the pet being dressed.

Obviously, animals are not used to wearing clothes. Otherwise, pet fashion would rank with along with fashions for teens and children.

The occassional dog or cat in costume will generate laughs- but not always for the pet. Keep your pets' mental condition in mind while dressing your pet.

Browse through nearly 100 Halloween dog and cat costumes at discount prices from our affiliates at and Many costumes offers sizes in small, medium and large.

Pet Costumes for Halloween
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Whether you need a fedora for Fido or a Santa suit for Spot, you’re sure to find the perfect pet costume at With the largest collection of pet costumes to be found online, we’ve got options for every occasion. From Halloween costumes to Christmas costumes, be sure to check out all of our popular pet costume themes and categories today.

Men in Black II!"
Frank the Dog

From the hit movie MIIB!" Men In Black II.

Darth Vader

Does your pet have a bit of the dark side in him?


Now man's best friend can leap tall buildings in a single bound!

Snow White

Perfect for your Pretty Princess.


He'll really want to sink his teeth into this one.


Get caught in this little pup's web.


It may not be a "Z", but he'll leave his mark!

Raggedy Ann

For some good ole' rag time fun.

Wonder Woman

Anything you can do she can do better!

Prisoner Dog

It's a doggy dog world out there.