The Grand Canyon, Arizona

With Publisher Bob Zucker

Photos by Bob Zucker
Copyright 1992

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Map Guide to the Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon Trail Map

by Kent Schulte (Author)

New 2nd Edition printed April, 2007. Improved shaded relief gives a beautiful, detailed & stunning view of the canyon. Mileage info added to all trail junctions, plus cummulative mileage for select segments. Trail profile graphs added. Thoroughly reviewed by Park rangers. Detailed topographic & trail map of 308,000 acres in central Grand Canyon. 1:40,000 scale covers 8 USGS quads. 295 miles of trails shown with trail ratings, descriptions & statistics. Most complete & accurate map of the area. Includes contours, shaded relief, UTM grid, hydrography with springs & drinking water, backcountry use zones for permit planning, and other trip information. Printed on waterproof, tear-tough paper. This map covers the huge core of Grand Canyon National Park. This is the area where 99% of visitors travel and where 90% of backcountry trips take place, and where most trails and reliable water sources are. Hope you like the new edition!

About the Author
Kent Schulte lives in Boulder, Colorado. He is usually outdoors exploring the countryside.

Publisher: Sky Terrain (September 1, 2001)