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FLAGSTAFF, Ariz., Nov. 2 /PRNewswire/ -- Crystal Carter has been looking forward to the opening of her coffee shop in Flagstaff, AZ even before she signed her franchise agreement with Coffee Beanery. Crystal was born and raised in the Flagstaff, AZ and has a degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management from Northern Arizona University. She is running the store with her mother-in-law, Esther Breckenridge who is a recently retired Medical Technologist from the Flagstaff Medical Center.
The store opened up on Sunday, October 28th and they are happy to see that many people are coming through the drive-thru on their way to work. It is just a matter of time before people see that they do offer great breakfast and lunch options that can be enjoyed in their newly remodeled, comfortable dining area. The Coffee Beanery is on North Highway 89 just north of the Flagstaff Mall on the west side of the road.
Crystal is serving all of the specialty coffee drinks that Coffee Beanery has come up with through the years like the Black and White Frappalatte, the Cafe Carmel, and the Iced Fudge Ripple. She is also serving breakfast and lunch wraps that are made to order. As a local, Crystal wanted to be sure to have some of the Flagstaff favorites like bagels from Biffs Bagels and pastries from House of Bread in her store so those are available there too.
The Coffee Beanery is on North Highway 89 just north of the Flagstaff Mall on the west side of the road.
With the holidays right around the corner you can always make a stop at Coffee Beanery to pick up a bag of delicious specialty coffee. They have straight, flavored and decaf coffees available that you can take home, along with very classy gift sets, products from Republic of Tea, and other coffee related items.
The Coffee Beanery is very proud of Crystal and her close ties to the local community in Flagstaff. "The first few months are crucial to a stores success," said JoAnne Shaw, Founder and President of the Franchisee Chain.
"A store really needs to start off on the right foot. It is important to let the local community know the Coffee Beanery is owned by local people who shop in the same stores their customers shop. We know that we only get one chance to make a first impression, and we train our franchisees to keep that in mind when they open their stores, especially in markets where people are not as familiar with the great quality of everything that Coffee Beanery does."'
Source: Coffee Beanery

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