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Tempe, AZ - Home of ASU

By Danielle Crounse
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Tempe, Arizona has lots of fun spots to visit.

Just a few years ago Tempe was a small farming community. Thanks to the (affectionately nicknamed) Snowbirds (winter Residents that flock to the Sunbelt region) this has become a booming center for entertainment and shopping. It is also the home of Arizona State University (ASU) which has become one of the United States largest colleges. There are several fine arts and performance centers in Tempe.

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Just off the ASU campus is Mill Avenue, a street filled with artsy stores and great food places. At the south end of Mill Ave. is a shopping plaza featuring many food places such as Coffee Plantation and Uno Pizza (a Chicago favorite). Or visit the McDonald's on the second floor of an old-west style building. Mill Ave. is a must-see for any visitor.

The list of places to go for fun are practically endless. There is the Fiesta Bowl in January at the Sun Devil Stadium, among many other events that Sun Devil Stadium hosts each year. Hayden Square has lots of different events depending on the season. There is also Diablo Stadium which holds sporting events just like it's big sister, Sun Devil. There are many more places to go as well. Go to the Tempe visitors center to get all of the information.

Tempe also has a great number of galleries, performing arts centers and a fairgrounds. Write to or pick up a brochure at the Tempe Convention and Visitors Center, 51 W. Third St., STE.105, Tempe, AZ 85281 or call (602) 894-8158 .

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