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Arizona Renaissance Festival 2018

Discoveries made in science during the Renaissance era not only changed the world, but continue to influence modern day society. The SciTech festival is a proud presenter of the Arizona Renaissance Festivalís Age of Discovery.

Explore the Festivalís thirty acre, sixteenth century European Village. Roam the streets and pathways where you can talk to Galileo about Astronomy! Observe in awe, as artisans craft their wares using scientific techniques, demonstrating blacksmithing, glassblowing, shoemaking, and weaving.

Go to the CROFT-Local Yokel Village and watch aspects of chemistry at work in the daily chores of 16th century life. Speak to Da Vinci about his sketches, technical drawings, or pose as Mona Lisa would have- showing your Mona Lisa smile. Learn about what Arizona was like in the 16th Century!

There is SO MUCH to Explore! Where else can you rub shoulders with Da Vinci, Medici, Da Gama, Galileo or Shakespeare to name a few. Enjoy, explore and be entertained as you make your way through our villageís thirty acres of hands on learning; a thirteen stage theatre, an arts and craft fair, jousting tournament! Children will enjoy Da Vinciís Flying Machine, among the many other people powered rides and other offerings. Do not miss this unique experience! HUZZAH!

For more information about Student Days visit www.arizona.renfestinfo.com/student-days


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